Sunday, May 3, 2009

Birthday Wishes and Froyo Dreams

And I'm back in the game! Quoting one of the movies that tops the list of things that makes me me (10 Things I Hate About You, for those youngsters asking themselves what the heck am I taking about), I finally feel like I am ready to really get this blog a'rollin! On a side note, has anyone seen the trailer for Dance Flick??? Purely sacreligious if you ask me (if you can't tell already, I love any movies with Julia Stiles-or Heath Ledger *tear*, about dancing, or basically from the 90s). Okey dokeyyy, back to froyo, although I am planning on writing little tidbits about myself here and there so you guys, my readers (if I even have any at this point lol) can get to know me!!!

So, as the title alludes, this post concerns my birthday!!!!!!! Granted it was April 7th, almost a month ago (sheesh!), I still want to share my 'cake.' I have already posted about the mythical 'froyo cake,' but this year since it was just me at home (my twinky was away at her college-Vandy!) I decided upon a treat that was a bit more modest. Now I have never ever been a cake girl, so no tears of pity if it seems I missed out on a traditional b-day rite of passage. Seriously, the only type of cake I'll eat is devils food cake, angel food cake, or cake batter FLAVORED froyo hehe. So at the conclusion of a fab dindin at Nobu (sooo many veg options yayyyy!) that included a star spotting (okay, it's not completely blog-worthy, just Cheryl Hines, but my parents got excited haha), we naturally preceded to Studio (aka Studio City Frozen Yogurt, briefly mentioned in a previous post).

And this is my beauty!!! I got a medium half dulce de leche (muy deliciosa) and half some kind of chocolate, sorry guys-I can't remember exactly which kind, ie chocolate, malt, fudge brownie, etc-bad blogger :( Nevertheless it was just what I wanted to end my day of celebrations, and yes, those are candles stuck in the froyo itself. I found the prettiest colored flame (AP Chemistry, anyone?) at BB&B (Bed, Bath, and Beyond), and they made for quite a pretty dessert!

Now on to matters I mentioned the other day-the Pinkberry picture I promised. As most of you probably know, PB has pretty strict rules of absolutely zippo photos or videos of the store-neither inside nor out. And even standing outside at a safe distance made my palms a bit balmy as I don't ever feel very conspicuous carrying around my paparazzi-esque Nikon! Luckily, I found a perfect spot right outside my gym, which is on the second story of the outdoor complex. I was able to smoothly pop my camera out of my gym bag, snap a few pics of the storefront, and bolt. Nope, I'm not a stalker at all....

To make up for my lack of inside pics (and for the matter, pics of actual froyo-my sis was hungry, and I didn't get my own because PB isn't really my cup'o'tea, or froyo i guess), I swiped (ok, they were free) a menu-and that has a pretty picture on it, so there!

Is it just me, or are the milk and white chocolate shavings new? They are not on the menu, just in the store. Also, they still haven't put mochi on the menu! Why do they keep it like a 'secret topping?' Seriously, PB virgins (if they exist in Los Angeles anymore!) might wander into the store and never even have the chance to nosh on those fluffy little perfect pillows of glutinous rice flour-so sad! Well once I get my official looking business cards made, I definitely plan on trying to get some interviews with or statements from PB execs!

Gah, I meant for this to be a wee little post - oops - because I have more news to write about, but I didn't want to bombard you with an epic post that would scare away my readers-I need all that I can get! Now I'm gonna leave you with a little suspense to ensure you guys check the blog later tonight (or possibly early morning due to my nocturnal tendencies) for VERY exciting news of a GRAND OPENING.........<3

P.S. You can tell PB about your experience at GOODNESS@PINKBERRY.COM

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