Thursday, April 30, 2009

WOW. I'm finally back from my mini froyo hiatus (in the blog sense, not the consumption!). It has been forever since I posted-which was totally unplanned. Kathryn has been a very busy bee! Sheesh, I have so many ideas and events to post about, but I am going to keep this comeback post short and sweet because i have a LIMITED TIME OFFER to share with you peeps. I was prancing down the stairs after a hot and heavy yoga/elliptical sesh at Crunch on Sunset, and low and behold, who is awaiting my arrival at the bottom??? None other than a electric blue clad girl luring me in with a huge tray of mini froyo cups and a smile! My endorphins already running wild post workout, I think I actually let out an audible squeal. The new Pinkberry on Sunset (in the complex housing my other love, Crunch Gym, and Sushi Dan, CB2, etc.) is OPEN TODAY! Well they "officially" open tomorrow, but the doors are open today and that just means today they are giving away FREE SAMPLES of the various flavors in little cups (I nibbled on an original-pomegranate swirl with one piece of a succulent mango, with no frets about totally canceling out my workout). But more blog-worthy than samples is that if you go into the store, they give you a FREE SMALL with TWO FREE TOPPINGS-the concoction is left up to us, their "test" patrons. So if you are anything like me and can't stand to pass up free euphoria, GO TO PINKBERRY ON SUNSET NOW!!!!!!! The free small only exists until 7 pm TONIGHT, so get your hot selves down there ahora!!! Sorry there are no pics today, but I'm not in the habit of bringing my big camera to the gym-that might be frowned upon! But I will sacrifice my self for the cause and take pictures after yoga tomorrow! Okey dokey I'll leave this post at that, but don't shed a tear, the froyo queen is here, and back with a vengeance. I have many many goodies in the works, including hot of the press, exclusive Menchie's news! So be sure to check for new and tantalizing posts-after you go stuff yourselves with one of the best natural highs-free froyo!!!!! Ciao bambini!

8000 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90046
P Coming Soon

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