Sunday, May 24, 2009

In The Pink

Other than writing for blogs, in m spare time I love reading them-which is perhaps the reason behind I have been a bit neglectful toward my own recently :/ In my defense I am waiting on some very special business cards to arrive, and once they do I will be able to go around and really get my reviewing started!

*disclaimer* this is just a made up person and personal info from the Colorful Images website!

I am getting some adorable pink 'Parisian Initial' business cards from Colorful Images. Props to my mom-she actually picked them out because they reminded her of a cutesy sweets shoppe! I have been waiting to get these made prior to getting really serious about my blog because honestly I will feel more professional and legit going in to and reviewing various froyo joints with them! So get excited!!!

On the subject of blogs and pink, I have some interesting news about Pinkberry. Naturally for the majority of us froyo fanatics one of the lures of this tasty treat is its general healthfulness. So for those who tend to be health conscious and are well versed in froyo nutritionals, you may have noticed a recent change in the official PB stats. I definitely did while scouting out the new PB on Sunset that I previously covered, so I did some recon and quickly stumbled upon a detailed explanation on one of my favorite food blogs-Hungry Girl! (she is a great writer and has unique yet yummo food tips-so be sure to check out her two cookbooks!) Here is the link to her 'Froyo Alert,' in which she not only gives us the change in numbers, but also some general froyo tips to keep us gals (and guys?) healthy!

My last tidbit of PB news is quite innovative, yet sadly only applies to those of us lucky enough to reside in Manhattan (ahhh, my inner Carrie Bradshaw is cravin' Tasti D-Lite now-I've actually never tried it, but that will change soon!!!). Moving on, PB has recently launched a new endeavor entitled 'Swirls on Wheels.' Here is the delivery menu-it isn't too explicit in terms of how to place an order, so I'm guessing you just call the nearest location, place your order, and then give them your desired delivery location. Pretty painless-although even if they did have this service in LA, I'm not sure if I'd utilize this feature, as I'd assume the froyo itself would be fresher and less melty straight from the machine. And I think I would enjoy the walk to the actual store to get some air and exercise! But that's just me speaking-my LA born and bred legs are probably pathetically underused compared to any given Manhattanite! Nonetheless, it is a cute idea that might really take off! Hmmm, I wonder if they deliver the PB on little pink bikes-coupled with the pastel uniforms, that would take quite a confident male hehe! If anyone in da Big Apple has already or has plans to utilize this luxury, I would loveee to hear feedback, and maybe even see some pics!

Okey dokey, that's it for the immediate hour, buttt lots more to come so please check back veryyy soon! And to my readers, thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for any comments-once I get all my shiz together I will be commenting on your blogs as well!!!!! Peace out loves!

P.S. If you go here to the official PB website and click 'click to continue,' a little window should pop up with the PB Remix by Lady Tigra-meow meow!!!


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  1. I guess I'm a froyoaholic too :-) My favourites are guava and pineapple.