Sunday, May 10, 2009

Froyo for Your Moomoo

Hey y'all! I apologize in advance, but this is gonna be a quickie-I'm watching chick flicks with the chicas in my fam! I hope you are all pampering your mommies today-it's the least we can do for them! I know this is probably a tad late-ok like a lot late-but if at least one person reads this post by midnight then I've done my job! But I know for sure, if you love froyo as much as me, you'll take advantage of this post and get your mamacita a FREE FROYO, cone or cup, at TCBY!!!! LIKE NOW!!!!!! This freebie is only valid for like the next two hours (so sorry any east coasters!) so scurry! I just got back from Studio, so I'm gonna dig into my cuppy'o'froyo now and get back to my movie!!! Check back soon for mucho Menchie's news!!!



  1. I had free fro-yo on Mother's Day (but not at TCBY) :-)

  2. hahah, i'm so obsessed with froyo too!!! love your blog!