Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I've Got the Munchies for Menchies

Hello again fellow froyo addicts. I know I said to expect this post right after the previous one the other night, but a) I actually was tired and fell asleep (yaya!) and b) I have been busy with other business matters, including getting a summer job (a girl's gotta pay the bills until this darn blog takes off!). Moving on, this post is the first of a very exciting series concerning the froyo chain Menchies! For those of you unfamiliar with the establishment please check out their great website I have made a link to at the end of this post, but now I'll also give you a little background.

The first storefront, located on Laurel Canyon Blvd. in Valley Village, opened up in May 2007. That initial location boomed almost immediately-it was truly love at first brain freeze for all valley dwellers. As the company's 10 year projection plan was realized in less than a year, the Menchie's franchise empire was born. Now you can find a Menchie's not only in California, but also Nevada, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and even Hawaii! A-loooooo-ha!!!

Now what makes Menchie's so darn lovable??? Well, the peeps over at Menchie's headquarters have found that perfect, balanced equation for a successful business-they serve up a great product at a decent price, but most of all they make the entire experience exactly that-an experience!!! Menchie's was started by an adorable, real life couple who had their first date in a frozen yogurt shop. It was then that she had the dream to start her own "frozen yogurt utopia" (quoted from the official website, which has more details so check it out!). I know one of the first things that caught my attention was the unique name. Menchie's, Munchies, what??? It may be a tad more difficult for older generations to grasp and say out loud (my parents alwayssss call it Munchies, but what can I expect? I'm used to it, as my mom also always asks me if I'm going to yogurt when I know she means yoga. Ah, the daily pleasures of aging-just playing, mom knows I love her for it!). My research from the website revealed that there is a method to the apparent madness. The name Menchie actually stemmed from an affectionate nickname that Adam gave to Danna (the founders). SO CUTE!!!!

Basically adorable just sums up the whole place. Every Menchie's is outfitted in the same bright color scheme of lime green, fuschia, violet, and a hint of pink. Everything from the bubbled glass tiles on the walls to the cartoonish signs create a laid back, welcoming atmosphere. This place is just FUN! and the employees couldn't be nicer-you can really tell that Menchie's puts a strong emphasis on family! The company even works to support local schools and businesses! And to put the cherry on top of the business is the star of the show-the froyo!!!!! Each store has an average of six machines, which equals TWELVE flavors, plus the ├╝ber cool twirl option. Oh, did I mention it was SELF-SERVE??? That really is the way to go these days-the public wants their freedom of froyo! Now, although I do love myself some self-serve, I can get easily peeved with the patron congestion. Between the people sampling every flavor and the rest shoving to fill their humongous cups, you can easily lose an eye (or at least break a nail!). This is why I greatly appreciate the layout of Menchie's. Each store space is designed as somewhat of a horseshoe. In the center of the store is a circular kiosk that serves as the home for the sample cups (free for all!), waffle maker, and registers. As you enter the store, you precede to the left of the kiosk to pick up your cup from hanging wall dispensers. Then you make your way around the kiosk to the wall of froyo machines. After you fill your cup up to your little heart's desire, you naturally find yourself as the abundant topping bar, which houses over 40 chilled and room temperature toppings. To put it bluntly, the range of toppings is bomb-by far the most vast selection i've seen. And after the toppings, tada-you're at the register! Genius!!! Of course when it's packed it's still packedddd, but this layout leads to a nice flow of traffic!

On to the goods! The yogurt itself is delish. Among the twelve or so flavors, there are always low fat, non fat, sorbet, lactose free, kosher, low carb, and no sugar added options! The mixes themselves are Menchie's own (i.e. not from YoCream, Wow Cow, etc.), and therefore the nutritional facts are more illusive, but they do list some of them on the website. Naturally, the NSA, sorbet, and tart flavors are a bit less creamy than the others, but that is expected. Overall, the flavors are consistent-consistently nummy!!! And there are so many flavor options that I can't imagine ever getting bored! And I have already gushed about the toppings, but they are an integral part to any final froyo creation!

Okkkk, let's see-history: check, locations: check, atmosphere: check, froyo and toppings: check. I feel as if I am missing somethingggggg-oh yeah, PICTURES! I will always post some sort of visual because, well, we do eat with our eyes! And otherwise my ramblings would bore all my readers to death-not good! As I continue this blog, I will make my way to all froyo shops, which hopefully will one day include every Menchie's location. To start us out, I will take you to the grand opening of the Redondo Beach location. Here we go!

The grand opening festivities included a live dj!


FREE SHIRTS TO COLOR IN (calling all inner five year olds!)
The circular layout

Start at the cups...

The yogurt bar, complete with instructions...

*disclaimer, I do not know the man in the picture, so sorry if it's you*
Swirly swirl...



I went back in February *coughcough* so i had to get lovely sprinkles...

Right 'round back to the registers!

Up close and personal-I got cake batter (more on that in the next post...!), cookies and cream, NSA devils food cake, and pomegranate tart! Everything, even the NSA, was so good and creamy!!!!!! Oh yeah, cookie dough made an appearance!!!

I think I hit prof today (on my non-review days I'm a mix master all the way baby!)

And to finish it off, more free loot-an awesome sticker, magnet, and tattoo (I was so bad-a** the two days it lasted)!!!

bfleuhfgliekhg-wow, I think I actually broke a sweat from all this typing! I feel I should treat you to a froyo if you made it though this post alive-or with eyeballs that still function! On that note, I'm out-but stay tuned for hot off the press Menchie's news (a grand opening in the veryyyy near future!!!) and an exclusive interview in relation to that news! It's all a part of the next Menchie's installment soon to come! P.S. I'd love any comments or e-mails about your Menchie's experiences!!! Thanks loves!!!

Redondo Beach - Artesia Plaza
2515 Artesia Blvd., Unit E.
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
(310) 370-4888
Sun - Thurs: 11am-11pm
Fri - Sat: 11am-Midnight!


  1. What an adorable place! I can't wait to try it.

  2. Actually their yogurt is YoCream and the low carb stuff is Skinny Minnie.

    1. Their yogurt is actually not YoCream, but is Menchie's brand yogurt. They occassionally use YoCream but are looking to completely eliminate that as an option. Skinny Minnie is their low carb, which doesn't contain live and active cultures, and they are currently getting rid of that as well. **worked at Menchie's for 2 years

  3. We just got a menchies in town and we are in love. My daughter travels to where i live to get menchies,. but we just found out that there will be one in her city soon she is so excited. it is a great concept and a great place.