Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love in the Air, Froyo in the Tummy

My apologies, but I am postponing my Froyo and the City post for a wee bit as it is VALENTINE"S DAY!!! (whether that fact is to your dismay or to your delight) I find it quite ironic that a day devoted to love is loathed by so many. Personally, I am neutral-so far I have had no noteworthy V-day, but I do believe it has potential. Normally I have really bad luck in general and would be pessimistic, but since I survived Friday the 13th without a scratch I have high hopes for my future-but I still have to survive the next Friday the 13th (two in one year!?! jeez, someone has a sense of humor). One small pro of the holiday is that all business establishments (or all that I am aware of at least) are open, so no froyo withdrawals! 

Speaking of love...

I love butterflies...

and macaroons...

and sunsets! 
(all three pics I took during my summer trip to France and Switzerland)

Anyway, so if you are out with your honey or just with good friends (possibly seeing Friday the 13th, because Jared Padalecki+anything=love), and you are feeling a bit peckish, go get yourselves some froyo! Specifically, may I suggest Menchie's? In addition to being self-serve and having some bomb froyo, they are one of the only froyo places I could find with a V-Day deal! They are offering a limited edition Valentine's day buy-1-get-1 free coupon! So get your booties over there asap for twice the froyo and twice the love, but not twice the price! Now, how could you top that? Well, Menchie's thought of a way-they are launching their Redondo Beach location's grand opening events this weekend (Feb. 14th&15, 12pm-5pm). In addition to the yummy yogurt, there will be a live d.j., color-in tees, and cool giveaways. And hint to the guys reading this, your gal might like this as a fun V-Day date-well at least I would! The Redondo Beach location is almost 20 miles away from my home base, but I feel obligated to make my way down there sometime this weekend, with my Nikon D40 in tow to cover the event-so no tears if you don't live in SoCal and are unable to attend, cause that's what I'm here for! (and stay tuned for more Menchie's news, and an official review!)

Another fun idea for those of you who do wish to acknowledge V-Day is to party with a FROYO PIE. Now, what the heck is a froyo pie, you may ask? Well, actually you may not be asking because it is as self explanatory as it seems. I had one for my 18th birthday, and basically it consists of a traditional pie dish filled with a graham cracker crust, followed by a thin layer of fudge, frozen yogurt plus your desired fillings, and topped with more toppings, such as jimmies. Mine had chocolate and vanilla flavored froyo layers, separated by a layer of cookie dough. It was topped off with rainbow sprinkles and hot fudge. My mom ordered the pictured pie from Studio Yogurt (a full review to come), but it wasn't a piece of cake. She discovered that the order for the pie must be placed more than 24 hours before the desired pick-up date. Also, they apparently only make pies with the vanilla and chocolate yogurt, which they tried to explain had something to do with their flavor rotation schedule-it sounded like a bunch of b.s. to me, but nevertheless the pie was delicious. You can pick whatever topping you want to go in the middle, like we did with the cookie dough. I have also seen similar looking pies in the freezers at Penguins Yogurt. They were pre-made, but you may be able to order custom ones as well. My
birthday pie overall was a small mound of heaven. It works perfectly to store the leftovers in the freezer, but of course in my house the pie had a lifespan of approximately three days-poor thing never had a chance. I think a yogurt pie is an adorable and unique way to celebrate any occasion, or if you're like me, just any ole day!!!

So, whether your day is filled with love or just froyo, I wish everyone a fabulous Valentine's Day!!! <3


Original Location: 4849 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
Valley Village, CA 91607 
(818) 985-9150

Studio Yogurt 
12050 Ventura Blvd. Ste 105
Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 508-7811

Penguins Yogurt 
2180 Westwood Blvd Ste 1A
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 470-2919


  1. yummmm! definitely check out this menchie's opening!!! oh and i must agree that the fro yo cake was delish!!

  2. Menchie's has a really cute postcard. Can't wait for your update. I've seen fro-yo pie on the menu before but I've never ordered one. Happy Valentine's Day! I did have fro-yo today.

  3. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)